Meet the Design Girl

Sari Block was born and raised in New York. Since she was a child, she would express herself by decorating and organizing her bedroom with perfection.  In addition to being an avid follower of the latest trends, Sari is also a cost conscious consumer.  She has an uncanny ability to identify the retailers who can deliver the latest decor at the best price.  Sari seeks value with every purchase she makes.  Her experience includes designing homes in both Manhattan and the Atlanta area for over 10 years.  Sari takes pride in keeping up with latest trends for paint colors, wallpaper, light fixtures, carpet, stone, tile and appliances.  She recently moved to Atlanta to design custom homes for a local Atlanta developer.  Through working with the developer, she has been focused on delivering that magazine look everyone wants without busting the budget.  In addition to her talents, Sari has spent considerable time and energy leveraging her buying power with national and regional retailers to get rock bottom prices on everything she buys.  With her resources and knowledge, she can make your home look like $1 million at a fraction of the cost.